G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO

Dirección: 6539 Old Hwy 21, 6539 Old Missouri 21, Barnhart, MO 63012.
Teléfono: 69423600.
Página web: wolfhollowestates.com.
Especialidades: Constructor de casas personalizadas, Empresa constructora, Constructor, Promotora inmobiliaria.

Opiniones: Esta empresa tiene 31 valoraciones según Google My Business.
Opinión media: 3.6/5.

Ubicación de G'Sell Homes, LLC

G'Sell Homes, LLC 6539 Old Hwy 21, 6539 Old Missouri 21, Barnhart, MO 63012

Horario de G'Sell Homes, LLC

  • Lunes: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Martes: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Miércoles: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Jueves: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Viernes: 8 a.m.–4 p.m.
  • Sábado: Cerrado
  • Domingo: Cerrado

G'Sell Homes, LLC es una empresa constructora especializada en la construcción de casas personalizadas y el desarrollo inmobiliario. Ubicada en el 6539 Old Hwy 21, Barnhart, MO 63012, esta compañía ha construido una sólida reputación en la industria de la construcción y promoción inmobiliaria.

Con una amplia experiencia en el mercado, G'Sell Homes, LLC se ha destacado por su atención al detalle y su enfoque en la satisfacción del cliente. La empresa ofrece una variedad de servicios, que incluyen la construcción de casas personalizadas y la promoción inmobiliaria.

Una de las características más notables de G'Sell Homes, LLC es su enfoque en la construcción de casas personalizadas que reflejen la personalidad y los gustos de cada cliente. La empresa trabaja en estrecha colaboración con sus clientes para diseñar y construir hogares que se adapten a sus necesidades y deseos.

Además de su enfoque en la construcción de casas personalizadas, G'Sell Homes, LLC también es conocida por su compromiso con la calidad y la integridad. La empresa utiliza materiales y técnicas de construcción de la más alta calidad para garantizar que sus hogares duren toda la vida.

Otra ventaja de trabajar con G'Sell Homes, LLC es su ubicación conveniente en Barnhart, MO. La empresa está ubicada en una ubicación estratégica que permite a los clientes acceder fácilmente a una variedad de servicios y comodidades.

G'Sell Homes, LLC ha recibido excelentes reseñas de sus clientes, con una calificación promedio de 3.6/5 según 31 opiniones en Google My Business. Los clientes han elogiado la atención al detalle y la calidad del trabajo de la empresa, así como su enfoque en la satisfacción del cliente.

Opiniones de G'Sell Homes, LLC

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Local Critic

I have an AAS in Craftsman Trades and a lvl 2 certification in Building Trades along with 15+ years experience in the field. I built a home with Ryan G'Sell and was completely unsatisfied with the quality of home. In the last 13 years I have owned 4 new homes 2 of which I had built in the last 6 years (retiredmilitary). Out of those 4 homes G'Sell was 2nd worst quality and the worst customer service experience. G'Sell prides themselves on their clients customizing their homes this is a flat out lie. G'Sell agents would not give me an option/pricing sheet until signing contract. In their words so that I don't try to build the home in my head. I have a budget like everyone and they knew I worked in the field. The company I work for is one of G'Sell subcontractors. G’Sell sales agent did however tell me what I wanted in my home and what I didn't want, after all they have done this 500+ times and can read my mind... They were very pushy during the signing process and were aggressive when I wanted to change anything. I met the Foreman Jamie 1 time during the build (before ground broke) he acted as if I was wasting his time didn't listen to me and rolled his eyes nor make eye contact. (Come to find out he is same person who pulled a knife on my father n law at my sister n law 21st bday years prior.) I never met or talked to Ryan G'Sell during process even though I voiced my concerns with multiple issues during construction.

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Ana Svedberg

I moved to A house made by this individuals. The materials they use are very cheap and of poor quality, the actual “professionals”
Architects, builders, and planners have no idea of what they are doing. Did they use measurements?

They made so many mistake I wish I could share pictures here, but instead I’ll say my house has 1 year and has 20.000$ Worth foundation, wall, and drainage issues!

They build horizontal pipes for the dishwasher drain and pretty much everywhere meaning we have to deal with constant clogging. Pipes should be placed vertically so any debris can pass through and not get stalk.

What more we will find? I’m uncertain, we only lived here one year.

Please save your family from bankruptcy DO NOT BUY GSELL HOMES BRAND! you will terribly regret it!

Also if you are a lawyer or know if one please help us! Thank you.

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Melissa Moore

We had a wonderful experience building with G'Sell. They are the most flexible builder in Jefferson County. This is our 3rd house we've built in 20 years and was by far the best experience. Rodney was flexible, Dennis was amazing and can remember everything you discuss, Chris has a great attention to detail and works to get you what you pay for. Our house is gorgeous, in a great subdivision and was way less than the competition. Very pleased!

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Marshall Williams

G'SELL HOMES made our home building experience in the new Wolf Hollow subdivision
so easy. They were very helpful every step of the way. No question was to small, they were super responsive and they treated us like we were part of their own family. Their employees have been great..shout out to Kayla, Julie, Dennis and Kevin, they have been there to help us at every turn. We love our new beautiful Dream Home. Couldn't have asked for a better Builder. Would recommend them 100%. Won't you be my neighbor!?

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
colleen kaelin

The whole g’sell team was amazing to work with. From start to finish we never had any issues. They were professional, very responsive, and amazing quality. We talked with multiple builders and it never seemed right until we met with Julie! The second we met with her we knew we wanted to build with them! They were such a friendly team. We got our sod laid right before we went into the hospital to have our first baby and one of the g’sell team members came over and watered our grass daily while we were in the hospital so it wouldn’t die. No other builder would have done that. Even after moving in they still care. I would tell everyone i know to build with them!

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Dawn LeGrand

I am an actual Client, my experience has been horrible. They are all great until closing day; after that you do not matter anymore because they have their money. I purchased my home 16 months ago and I am still waiting for my back yard to be completed. I have proof they owe us more, but they are going to force me to pay a lawyer to take them to court. I did contact the Attorney General, waiting on an outcome on that. Emails go unanswered. Phone calls are not returned. Along with that, the workmanship inside the house is horrible. The drywall looks like a 3rd grader did the work. The company who did the work is supposed to come fix it, but I have no confidence. During the walk-thru, I asked about a foundation crack, they said it was nothing to worry about and they would monitor it. They did not monitor anything. After MANY emails and phone calls, I was told to contact the warranty company. I had to pay an additional $250 for the warranty company to send someone out to write up a report. Now I am dealing with that as well. After 15 months of calling and emailing, the guys came out last week to fix many of the small workmanship issues; fixtures not centered, trim not matching up with corners of walls, deck fixed, damaged door replaced, etc.. They have ruined the building experience for us and we have come to hate this house because of the issues and having to deal with a NON-responsive builder. We chose the wrong brother to build with unfortunately. Do your research. Make sure you are covered and have everything in writing, record conversations, etc. Protect yourself if you decide to build with G'Sell Homes, you will need it for court later down the road.

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Brandy Wallace

The building process with G’sell Homes has been so much fun! We got to handpick every detail of our home along side of our realtor Julie. She was so awesome to work with! Extremely helpful and very responsive when We had questions! I couldn’t recommend them more. Such a great experience!

G'Sell Homes, LLC - Barnhart, MO
Pam Ringenbach

G'sell homes LLC built us a beautiful home this year. We could not be happier. They obviously take great pride in their workmanship. The owner is on site often and is always willing to answer questions. From start to finish they followed through with all their commitments to us. The are friendly hard working people who take great pride in the business of building people's dreams, by building them beautiful, sturdy, spacious, affordable homes!
We ❤️ our G'sell built home